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Please do not read this comic if you can still get grounded.


Content Warning



Child abuse and neglect

Animal abuse and neglect 


The last thing I want to do is cause avoidable distress in those with trauma or those who simply wish to avoid this type of content. I want my readers to know what they're getting into and to be able to avoid it if they decide to. To ensure this choice is retained, the site lands on this page. However, if you are subscribed, and enter from the subscriptions page on Comicfury, the site lands on the latest page. That is out of my hands, but I'm very certain that entering from elsewhere as a subscriber retains my landing settings. 


Archive Tags

So assuming you didn't jump ship entirely when you read that list, let's talk about the archive. This comic contains nudity and sexual content, and for those who wish to skip sex scenes or particularly visceral wounds, I will mark such pages within the title of the page. For example, a page within a sex scene would have a title such as, "12.8 (S)(N)", indicating that the eighth page of chapter twelve contains sexual content and nudity. I will not draw genitals in this comic, so nudity refers to a clear view of female breasts. If you are avoiding certain content, this will hopefully make it easier to do so in the archive.

The content you can skip this way is listed below. At a later date I may add to this list, and feel free to let me know if you think other categories should be made skippable. 

Rape (R)

Sexual Content (S)

Nudity (N)

Gore (G)

There is at least one case where a rape scene begins indistinguishable from a consensual sex scene, and as the author I don't want to spoil the outcome prematurely. In cases like this, the plan is to tag the pages as rape when the scene makes itself clear to be one. 


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